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Dear One,

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. Thank you for writing to us on Workaway. My name is Madhur, and I'm reaching out with a heartfelt invitation to something truly special. We've been working on a vision which many of us feel it true in our hearts—a vision of bio-happiness. It's all about tapping into the natural world to find balance, clarity, and emotional strength.

The Quest for Happiness and the idea of Bio-happiness
Humans have always been striving for happiness, and grossly failing in it. It’s an existential question - why does this quest exist? and why do we so much fail in it? At Moodforest while we are attempting to solve the riddle, we are also offering the leads as solution. You are welcome to join us.

Here at our forest therapy program, we're not just spending time among trees; we're diving deep into emotional fitness and forest fasting. These programs are our way of helping you unlock new skills, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and open up exciting possibilities for your future.

That's what we're also building with our MoodForest Hosting Network. It's a place for people who want to connect and grow together as world moves into the Great Reset.

We'd love to learn more about you. Please take 10 minutes to filling out the form below to help us understand your interests, skills, and what you're looking to gain from joining our place. This isn't just about us getting to know you—it's the first step in weaving you into the fabric of our community.

After you fill the form, we will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm on the dates hosting you will work the best for us.

I'm genuinely excited about the possibility of you joining us. Together, let's explore the power of nature, unlock our full potential, and embark on a path to bio-happiness.


Madhur Anand
Co-founder, Moodforest

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More about us:

What is Moodforest Hosting Network?

Moodforest Hosting Network is on a pursuit to build a network of people who would like to train and educate themselves to support hosting of future Moodforest Camps around the world.
This could be a good side-project / skill for someone who would like to work and contribute and the intersection of Health-happiness and Climate Change.

The formal program is to begin in late 2024. The First Experimental Group is gathering in January 2024 to do an exploratory experience in one of the Bio-happiness Camps. Over time they will be invited to work with more camps to train themselves and also engage with virtual learning community.

What are our core values?
Be a Builder - Make something useful
Be Compassionate - To different cultures
Be Adaptable - Nature is dynamic
Be Minimalistic - Less is more

What is Sehatvan?

Sehatvan is the seed project behind Moodforest. It is focused on running forest fasting programs to support people in boosting their fitness and reversing many of the lifestyle related disorders.

In 2016, I co-founded a health space ‘Sehatvan’ with my health-scientist father. We derived its name by combining an Urdu word ‘sehat’ meaning health with ‘van’, a hindi word meaning ‘forest’. Over the last few years, living and experimenting in this space, we realized community living, wilderness and fasting have profound effects on health restoration. Our approach is guided by the Hindi word for healthy - ‘swasth’. Swasth is formed by combining two separate words ‘swa + sthit’, which mean ‘being situated in oneself’. Hence, the emotional dimension of well being/fitness has been an important element in health restoration at Sehatvan. And it is from this understanding, that I developed a deeper interest in psychology that led to my pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s in this field

By now, Sehatvan is a reasonably well appreciated phenomenon. Its YouTube channel and Facebook and Instagram pages have decent followings and ratings with some of the videos having received millions of views. We have also been able to attract mainstream media attention: India’s national broadcaster ‘Doordarshan’ featured Sehatvan in its documentary India’s Healing Forests; country’s leading Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar published a story on this, and English daily The Times of India covered it on 2021’s International Day of Forests.
In Feb 2020, I was invited by the Ministry of Health, Government of India to share my views of Forest Therapy with the medical fraternity at National Aarogya Fair 2020.

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