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Chapter 5 Bio-Happiness Factors, Consciousness, Limit of Science 

In the past three chapters we carried out some basic conversation to arrive to a framework so as to be able to look into the biological happiness factors. Let’s revisit the happiness-sum figures. You can place in your mind the happiness sum equation or the bicycle analogy. The things that we need to keep in mind are: 

  1. One could be properly happy only when the sum value is close to 100%. At lower values some sort of lacking, hollowness or resentment is likely to be felt, irrespective of whether the lacking is due to biological factors of social factors. You could be biologically fit and socially upset or the vise-versa, or the both.   
  2. We are hypothesizing that biological happiness and social happiness are two distinct segments and biological domain is much bigger (60-70%), almost double the size of the social.

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Why is the awareness of bio-happiness required, Consciousness?  

In the last episode while talking about the characteristics or dharma of human element we identified it being the dominion of the mind. We talked dharma of space, energy, matter, life and animal constituents of ours, and then optionally identified human element if we wanted to keep us separated from the rest of the animals. Dharma of human element is the dominion of the mind. 

Consciousness is a complex thing, and so is the biology. Biology operates through genome or DNA; it is in this molecule that life stores it’s all the information. Consciousness stores information in neurons. Consciousness operates consciously, while the biology mostly subconsciously.    


Conscious ways of doing things are often more energy consuming and tiring. Think of breathing, we have been breathing several times every minute from the moment we were born and we are not tired of it. Breathing is one thing you can do consciously too, there are numerous breathing exercises or pranayams people do, and one get’s tired of them in just few minutes. Subconsciously we have been breathing from the moment we were born and aren’t tired.   


Life stores its complex biological information in DNA and operates mostly in subconscious manner, doing it consciously would be hell of a task. Wild animals have deep body-mind synchronicity and operate mostly subconsciously, and hence, effortlessly. Humans have dominion of mind and this dominion is in the form of consciousness. We have been expanding our consciousness, and that came at a cost, at the cost of shrinking of subconscious. No doubt, it came with lots of material benefits too.  


Wild animals need not be told of what to eat what not, or how much to eat, how much water to drink and how many steps to walk. They don’t need smart watched or sleep rings, that smartness is ingrained in their subconscious. It reminds me of Mutulu, our first cat.   


In our forest campus once a little kitten arrived and started living with us, later she got pregnant. We have been thinking that this cat has been living with other cats and how would she handle the pregnancy? Does she even know that she is pregnant? We were in human mode and got panicked with the childbirth issues. Human pregnancy and delivery are complicated things, there is a whole science of gynecology and obstetrics around, nursing homes, mid-wives and much more. We talked to some friends and they suggesting us taking the cat to a vet and admitting her in a vet nursing home.

While all this panic was going on, the Mutulu disappeared for a day. And on the next, she came back with a kitten in her mouth, deposited it in my hut, went back, came with another, again went back and came with yet another. Now there were three kittens. We were amazed with this happening. Can a human even think of doing it all by herself?


We can do many complicated things that cats can never comprehend, but when it comes to biological functions, wild animals far much better than the humans. We expanded our conscious and it came at a cost, cost of shrinking the subconscious. And it is because of this shrinkage that now we need to do so many things consciously. We need to be told that what to eat, how much to eat, how much water to drink, which water to drink? Even how much to walk and how to keep track of the walking, of the step counts. Besides human awareness sophisticated tools and technologies are involved, and even then, we are failing in walking those many steps.         


Biological happiness factors and scientific limitation  

The biological happiness factors that we will be talking about aren’t new things, they have been happening with organisms since millions of years, subconsciously. It is only now because it is not happening subconsciously with humans that research in this area is required. And the research is in infancy, we as researcher have very little idea about the health and happiness and biological factors. In the coming chapters we will be talking of many bio-happiness factors like microbiota, motion, hormones, vitamins etc. The scientific understanding about these is very little and is likely to change over a period of time; hence, please keep awareness of this. 


Even when we talk of something in clear scientific terms like serotonin, vitamin D or vitamin B12, it doesn’t limit to that chemical molecule perse, or it’s synthetic equivalent. Such as:

  1. We know lack of sunshine makes people depressed
  2. We know Sunshine produces vitamin D
  3. We know lack of vitamin D also causes depression
  4. We know vitamin D is available in the form of pills or sachet

Now extrapolating this to ‘vitamin D in the pill or sachet is equivalent to sunshine for the purpose of depression’ would be a misguided thing, because we don’t know the whole lot of orchestras happening around, safer would be concluding that sun-bathing would help.      




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