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Chapter 4 Energy, Matter, Life, Animal, Human


We also questioned about things – buying and creating. Many people will agree with buying aspect, at least the minimalists; however, creating might not be so readily accepted as we put creativity on high pedestal. We all know the stuff we have created is making the planet dead, a big pile of junk, garbage. Even the knowledge or information part, so much information has been created that human brains are also becoming information junkyards. 


In Hindu mythology there is a concept of a trinity Brahma – Vishnu – Mahesh, which symbolizes creating, nurturing and destroying. We often aren’t good at destroying, because we have been putting creating at a high pedestal. Destruction often appear being immoral, violent. I’m not a great fan of this Hindu trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh and would rather say that we should limit the creativity itself to bare necessity. Kabir said, “Jyon ki tyon dhar dheenhi chadariya” meaning thereby, don’t mess-up. Also, there is a saying in creating something good we often destroy something better.   


What do you think about it? Would you like pausing this video for a minute and writing a comment? You might even question – if creativity is not so good, why am I creating this web series?   

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Let’s move to dharma of other constituents. 



The next is Energy. Energy means action, doing, flow. Energy could be rhythmic or noisy. Is the craving for action, for movement, for creativity because of this? Are we already in conflict zone – dharmsankat – between space and energy? I suggest let’s, for the time being, label it with the quest of ‘flow’ in us. We will take-up the finer discussion on it in a dedicated episode.


Thereby, we move to Matter, the next constituent. Matter is the condensed form of energy. Some energy got condensed to form the matter. 

Dharma of matter is physicality and we crave for it also. We can visualize it in context of social media platforms where our friendships have gone virtual, in the domain of some photons or electricity. And now is emerging craving for actual physical contact, of the sensory feelings of the physicality i.e. skin contact with the dear ones. 


In the course of material activity some matter acquired the property of life; and hence, came the life. Dharma of life is reproduction and self-repair. A human (or two humans, a male and a female) can make many new humans, mosquitoes can make mosquitoes and so on. Non-living thing, howsoever advanced, cannot reproduce. You close two cell phones in a room for several months and they wouldn’t become more, life becomes more. Life also carries self-repair capacity; it can repair to itself to a great extent. 


Now with so much human population, probably we aren’t keen in reproducing too much. Although ‘Self-repair’ remains important. We have been working on it in another project ‘Sehatvan’. We begin our work with obesity, diabetes, hypertension and thyroidism as those are easy to measure conditions and then extended to things like autoimmune. We are ourselves amazed by the auto-repair potential of human bodies, a little change in environment and lifestyle can bring dramatic results. As of now we have a feeling that almost all disease conditions could be reversed, even the aging process itself to a reasonable extent. Sehatvan’s website has many disease specific modules described, those keen in physiological health may visit the website    


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There are many lifeforms and amongst multicellular organism bigger kingdoms are of plants and animals. One of the key differences in these kingdoms, of plants and animals, if of mobility. Plants are supposed to be sitting at one place their whole life and animals to keep moving most of the time. Plants are equipped with photosynthesis apparatus and can synthesize their food, whereas, animals are supposed to hunt or forage, and protect themselves from being hunted. You look at any animal form (excepting human) and would find them mostly in mobility, be it an ant, a mosquito, or anything else.    

Humans have, in last few decades, been betraying from this of their animal dharma. We have become a sitting organism. Most of us keep sitting most of the time – in schools, in offices, at homes, to the extent we move while sitting - in cars, in airplanes. Betrayal from this basic dharma is destroying our health. This is a very serious issue and we will be talking about this in full details in a dedicated episode. 

-- --- --- --- 

Now, coming to the last dharma. But before that let me ask you – do you think it’s a good idea having a separate human kingdom, or we could be in animal kingdom with all other animals? Write in the comments, let’s have a poll. We seem to be the most intelligent, the most powerful and the most capable; we have created electricity, internet, AI, while other animals are still rudimentary. They can barely build their nests. But are humans really great? – aren’t we the saddest? And the most destructive life form on the earth? Does it constitute greatness? 


The dominion of our mind over body has resulted us in many inventions and creation, it has also disturbed the body-mind synchronicity, and now we have so many psychological issues. We consider out mind being our main constituent and mostly live in illusory future or the dead past. Here and now is missing, wild animals live in here and now. 


With these three chapters we have finished the groundwork and now we can take-up talking to the core agenda – Biological Happiness. 







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