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Chapter 3 Existence, Dharma and Space

In this episode we will be trying to do a very hard task of talking about the existence, there are several viewpoints and logics. The word logic reminds me of a recent popular adult comix ‘Logicomix’ which is based on Bertrand Russel’s quest to find the truth with mathematical clarity. I would highly recommend you reading the book if you haven’t already.   


Now coming to Existence and Dharma. In context of existence, we are keen to know how we came into existence and what is our existence composed of. Dharma is a Sanskrit word for rootedness, characteristics or properties. In literary sense it has nothing to do with what it is considered in religious sense. The word dharma is derived from ‘dhar’ root which means the basis on which something is situated. This word has been highly misused in religious context, it has nothing to do with good or bad or morality, it just plainly talks about the rootedness, characteristic or properties. 


How we came into existence?

If we keep the religious story aside, the story of God who created the world in seven days, the Sanatan story, and take the scientific and logical story into consideration the existential path looks like: There existed nothingness or the space, in the space got energy created, a part of energy became condensed to form matter. Some of the matter acquired properties of life. To begin with, life was unicellular and then it got evolved in many multicellular forms like plants and animals. We belong to animal kingdom, but if you don’t want to call yourself a beast, we can have a separate kingdom for humans. But then there would require a kingdom for each nationality, cast, religion, class etc. we will not go in so much of division and stay at the human kingdom united as one.   

Important thing to keep in mind here is - being human doesn’t mean we do not have other existential constituents in us. We have all of them. We are space, we are energy, we are matter, we are life, we are animal and human too. Considering ourselves only as human, or Indian, or Hindu, or Brahmin, or just Mr or Ms X has been the cause of great psychological suffering. If we carry all the dharmas with us, suffering may not exist. In this web series, we would be hugely focusing on the dharma of life which basically constitute the biological happiness, bio being life.      


What is the dharma of each constituent?

Now let’s look what is the dharma of each constituent and whether we are situated in that dharma or not. Also, could dharma of various constituents be conflicting with each other. There is a Hindi word ‘dharm-sankat’ which denotes the situation when two dharma conflict with each other. Looking at dharma might also help us figuring the cause of our cravings and desires.    



Let’s begin with the first constituent – Space. Existence starts with space. There is space everywhere, and everything exits in space. Space could also be called emptiness or nothingness. Emptiness exists even within the matter, 99.9999999% (seven nines after the decimal) of atom’s interior are empty, there exists interatomic space too. Meaning thereby, we ourselves are mostly empty space existing in empty space. Emptiness is the biggest constituent of us. Psychologically also we feel lot of emptiness in us, and we crave to fulfil it, with money, power, popularity and what not, and it doesn’t get fulfilled as there is emptiness within those things as well.


Emptiness or nothingness is the main dharma of space, in addition to this it also carries wholeness, and thereby, non-separation. Space is non-divisive. Whenever you divide in nationalities or religions casts or families or organizations or individuals – keep in mind, you are violating the dharma of your main constituent – the space. Whenever you buy or create anything keep in mind – you are violating the dharma of space. Also keep in mind – emptiness is the wholeness, there is no point filling one’s emptiness, only separation needs to be removed.            


For the shake of emptiness, it would be a good idea to not to fill you with the words. Let’s stop this video here.

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