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2024 is here. Dose yourself with 100 hours of nature immersion. Join the bio-happiness camp (5 days), and build skills at rebooting your emotional fitness.

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What past participants are saying:

"When we went the forest bathing, I felt so satisfied in the day. When you go inside a forest, you are getting a lot of things from there."

28, Female, Surat

"The food was great, it was not creating any spikes, it helped me have the same flow all day."

26, Female, Ahmedabad

"I got to follow my own pace and being at ease."

31, Male, Nagpur

"I over-think, I was able to let go of thinking and get more in the doing aspect."

30, Male, Ludhiana

"The sun exposure was really helpful for my mental clarity and pain in the body."

33, Male, Delhi



Arrival: Until 10 am on Day 1

Departure: After 4 pm on Day 5  - can extend to Day 6 on availability.

28 - Day of Space

29 - Day of Water

30 - Day of Earth

21 - Day of Fire

1 - Day of Air


Session Highlights:

  • Understanding mood and Bio-happiness
  • Bio-happiness Factors
  • Role of Movement & Play
  • Understanding Food and Diet
  • Tools for mental clarity
  • Tools for emotional regulation
  • 1-2 personal coaching sessions

Read more about our research and approach:

Understand Bio-happiness Concept:

Who are the people behind Moodforest:



Daily Diary & Health Check-ups │ Mud/Sun Bathing│ Forest Walk│ Technical Sessions│ Community Work│ Meals & Sleep



🔹Accommodation ✅

🔹Toilet & Bathroom ✅

🔹Vegetarian food ✅

🔹Clean drinking water ✅

🔹Wifi ❌

🔹Smoking & Alcohol ❌



🔸What would participants need to carry?

🔹Participants are required to carry comfortable clothes, toiletries and other essential items. Sehatvan follows limited phone/ screen timings.

🔸Do we need to carry any medicines?

🔹Participants may carry ongoing medication, if any. You may also carry other generic medicines for cold, cough, fever, acidity etc. as a precaution.

🔸What do you mean by community work?

🔹Each participant is supposed to take part in community works such as cooking, cleaning and farming. Those unwell, or on fast, are not required discharging any community task.

🔸Are we allowed to bring our own food?

🔹Participants are not allowed to carry food from outside. Freshly cooked meals as per the dietary plan shall be provided during the program.

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